Testing in ear monitors… made easy!

Most monitor engineers have had been through those soundchecks where they wonder if their artist is hearing the same thing they are, perhaps it’s one of those days, or perhaps there’s a problem with their in ear monitors? With the advent of high count multi driver IEMs it can be hard to tell if a single driver is blown which can cause all kinds of audio issues. It can be near impossible to diagnose these issues on another persons custom IEMs because they just aren’t designed to fit anyone else. MiEMi™ is a cool little too that’s here to help! MiEMi™ is a small cylinder that sits on the end of a measurement mic and provides an acoustic interface for in ear monitors allowing you to measure them quickly, reliably and easily. MiEMi™ can let you see the frequency/phase response of any IEMs letting you know 100% if they’re working before a show. Visit our shop to find out more!

Isn’t it about time you started to check your IEM’s as thoroughly as you test everything else? See our guide to learn more


All our traces in the IEM measurements section are now available to download as SMAART .trf files for site users.

Check out this review on our US dealer’s site by Pro Sound Web’s Michael Lawrence comparing MiEMi-m to Audix’s TM-2


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