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Using MiEMi™ to EQ Your IEM MixBus

MiEMi Can be used to set your mix bus EQ using your preferred RTA. MiEMi presents engineers with a very precise way of equalising custom fit and generic IEMs in a way that wasn’t accessible to most engineer’s before.

Most modern IEMs sound pretty good to start with and don’t require a lot of tuning but a few small tidy ups here and there can go a long way. MiEMi can help tune your IEM mix bus and help you can make some very precise adjustments very quickly. MiEMi allows you to see a full frequency response of a set of IEMs so you can see the changes in real time and see how it affects the response. So no matter if you’re using top end 12 driver IEMs or budget 2 or 3 driver IEMs applying the correct eq can help improve your monitor mixes.

To demonstrate this I put together a test set up that will allow me to EQ the IEMs and listen to the changes with music. I built this around WSG Studio and SMAART Di. WSG Studio is a small software mixer, which as you can see in the image below I’ve set up as the centre of the set up. The Mixer has music as the first input, our measurement mic as the second input and pink noise as the third. Inputs 1 and 2 are routed through an aux bus so any eq changes can be checked with music. The pink noise is routed direct to the main output which connects to my RTA and the iOS headphone output. The Eq I used was a Waves F6, it’s an incredibly flexible 6 band parametric EQ with additional high and low cut filters and works really well for this.

screenshot of the WSG Studio mixer set up

The full gear list with links is as follows

There are many ways to go about this and this is only one of them as always let your ears be the final judge of any changes. Happy measuring!

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