• What Size MiEMi should I choose?

Although MiEMi™ can be used with many of the standard size measurement mics with excellent results, we’ve found the HF response is closest to that of an IEC711 ear simulator with 10mm or smaller mics.

  • My measurement mic size isn’t listed?

Email us and we’ll see if we can’t make up a special for you. You’ll need to make an accurate measurement of the diameter with a set of calipers. Delivery times and prices may vary.

  • What do I need to test in ear monitors with MiEMi

You’ll need a measurement mic, a soundcard with 2 discrete inputs, an FFT analyzer app like SMAART from Rational Acoustics or ARTA, the app should be able to store traces for comparison.

  • Can I measure generic IEM’s with MiEMi™?

Generic’s can be measure just fine with the foam or rubber tips still on the shells.

  • Is MiEMi™ the same as an IEC711 Ear Simulator?

Although MiEMi™ is designed to closely follow that standard MiEMi™ is not certified or calibrated. Therefore different mics may give different results. MiEMi is designed to allow you to compare the state of a pair of in ear monitors from day to day rather than give a 100% true frequency response.

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