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MiEMi-m Outline
MiEMi-m Outline Drawing

SLS Audio based in Aarhus, Denmark, was founded at the beginning of 2019 to develop the MiEMi-m™ interface for testing in ear monitors. The idea for MiEMi™ came from the need to find a practical cost effective way of testing in ear monitors on the road. With laboratory standard IEC711 ear simulators too fragile for the rigours of the road and unsuitable for testing full range IEM’s not to mention prohibitively expensive, a need for something functional and affordable became evident. Necessity being the mother of invention we set about to build something that would fill this gap in the market. MiEMi-m™ – Measuring In Ear Monitors, was born. Since then we’ve teamed up with iSEMcon to put our measurement kits together and offer engineers a full set of system tuning & IEM testing tools.