• What Size MiEMi-m™ should I choose?

The m7 is a 7mm(0.25″) Ø adapter and will fit Isemcon and other similar size measurement mics and the m8 is an 8mm Ø adapter and will fit Audix TM1’s, most Earthworks, and other similar size measurement mics.

  • What do I need to test in ear monitors with MiEMi-m

You’ll need a measurement mic, a soundcard with 2 discrete inputs, an FFT analyzer app like SMAART from Rational Acoustics(Smaart can be added to bundles) or Opens Sound Meter, the app should be able to store traces for comparison.

  • Can I measure generic IEM’s with MiEMi-m™?

Generic’s can be measure just fine with the foam or rubber tips still on the shells.

  • Is MiEMi-m™ the same as an IEC711 Ear Simulator?

Although MiEMi™ is designed to closely follow that standard MiEMi™ is not certified or calibrated. Therefore different mics may give different results. MiEMi-m™ is designed to be a cost effective way allow you to compare the state of a pair of in ear monitors from day to day rather than give a 100% true frequency response.

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