DarkSky Communications

RF Licensing for Concerts & Events

Our sister company DarkSky ApS is now fully operational and offers wireless licensing services for concerts tours and events. Wireless communication in the form of walkie talkies, microphones & in ear systems are something we all take for granted on most tours/events, but did you know you’re legally required to have a license to operate them?

Wireless licensing for walkie talkies and wireless microphone/in ears & backline is a legal requirement in most countries and not getting the right licenses can result in in hefty penalties. Walkie talkies require licensing in pretty much every country you’ll visit. Stage RF systems such as wireless microphones, in ear monitors systems etc require licenses in a lot of countries. Navigating licensing requirements in different languages and staying on top of what’s required to operate this gear where can be a daunting experience. Don’t get caught out.

DarkSky Communications is here to help you get the correct licenses for your tour/event. We stay on top of the rules and are in contact with licensing agencies around the world to make sure your event is a succes. Make sure you’re not left with a large fine next time you plan an event.

email: info@darksky.live for more info or visit the site www.darksky.live