Testing in ear monitors …made easy!

MiEMi-m fly in rig with tiny soundcard
MiEMi- m fly in set up

When we load into a show we make & remake 100’s of physical or digital connections, power connections, audio signal connections, speaker connections, even wireless connections. Each component is checked and double checked to make sure it is working & show ready. Often, in the case of headliners, many of these are disconnected again to allow support bands to play and then re-made and re-checked. It’s second nature to anyone who works shows or events.

Don’t assume, VERIFY.

When was the last time you checked your bands in ears? You might have given them a little look-see before sound check right? Got the worst gunk out of the sound bores? When was the last time you tested them? Can you be 100% sure they’re working before you drop them in the dressing room?

After last nights show at that sweaty venue they probably went straight back into the safety of their little boxes trapping humidity in them until the next day. Did you notice the lead singer pour a bottle of water over his head before the encore? How much of that ended up in his IEMs? How about the guitar player that dropped his IEMs in the dressing room after the show?

Any of these things is enough to damage or destroy a balanced armature. If your IEMs have a 8, 10 or even 12 of these tiny drivers per ear how can you possibly know if one of them got damaged?

With the advent of high driver count IEMs it can be hard to tell if a single driver is blown, which can cause all kinds of issues. It can be near impossible to diagnose these issues on another persons custom IEMs because they just aren’t designed to fit anyone else.

Testing in ears with MiEMi
Testing in ears on tour with MiEMi

Be 100% sure their IEMs are working, test them!

MiEMi-m™ is a cool little tool that’s here to help! MiEMi-m™ is a small cylinder that sits on the end of a measurement mic and provides an acoustic interface for in ear monitors allowing you to measure them quickly, reliably and easily. MiEMi-m™ can let you see the frequency/phase response of any IEMs letting you know 100% if they’re working before a show. Click here for more info.

IEM measurements can look pretty strange if you’re new to measuring them, so to help you out we have a growing library of downloadable Smaart .trf files available for free. All you need to do is register on the site to gain access. So if you’re unsure if your measurement is correct or not take a look through the library.

Don’t let your band go on stage without knowing their in ear monitors work. Go to our shop and get your measurement kit and be sure your band goes on stage with working in-ear monitors. We got together with Isemcon and put together these kits.

    Why Use Miemi-m?

    MiEMi-m™ gives easily repeatable accurate results

    MiEMi-m™ add functionality to tools you already own

    MiEMi-m™ is cost effective, approximately 80% less than the next IEM measurement solution. In fact the MiEMi-m/EMX 7150 Plus kit costs less than other IEM testing options and you can make system/ SPL measurements too.

    MiEMi-m™ is already used by many touring engineers for top bands. See how monitor engineer Pat Rowe used MiEMi-m™ on Volbeat’s Servant of the Road Tour( about 13 mins in)

    FOH engineers using IEMs on their solo buss can use MiEMi-m™ to tune the IEMs frequency response to their system target curve.

    Check out ProSoundWeb’s/ Live Sound International article comparing MiEMi-m™ to Audix’s TM2

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